Poor Al On The Art Of John Michael Gill

John Michael Gill's work is the epitome of urban folk art. In a Southern California art scene so driven by technique, John's work has 'raw guts'. He's not afraid to have an individual style while always playing with concepts and ideas. Many artists hide their lack of concepts behind pop representations of other people's creativity, while John just puts his ideas out there and allows thoughtfulness to be an intregal part of the artwork. In a world where copying a style of art or music is the modus operandi, it's obvious that John isn't trying to be anyone other than himself. John's work is timeless because it represents snapshots of human thought in the urban experience and the things we think but didn't know how to express. You get a feeling that he actually is absorbing his surroundings and experiences and feeding them back to the viewer through the 'Gill filter'. John's art work is the opposite of a computer Blog. The ideas are short-winded and unmechanical, and naturally powerful like seeing a huge tree growing in the middle of a city providing fresh air in a desperately confined space.
Poor Al.