Matt Rockett On The Art of John Michael Gill

Don't be afraid of John Gill.

Recently i was on a shoot in L.A. from the east coast and found myself
shopping on melrose. In and out of shoe and t-shirt shops i went looking
for inspiration. While leaving one random indies music shop i noticed a
little book of drawings titled "good / bad art" sitting on the window
sill. It was roughly written in pen, folded and stapled together. I
picked it up and started flipping through the pages. Soon i discovered
that behind the primitive sketches was a brilliant mind at work. Each
page was as fresh and as insightful as the next. A make no apologies
look at the world we live in. He is an artist influenced by the street
in the same vain of Stuart Davis, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Keith Haring.
Whether its black and white drawings, colored canvas or ceramics, Johns
work is an avalanche of creativity.

There are two kinds of artist in the world. Those who tell you how great
they are and those who let their work do the talking. John Gill not only
lets his work be his voice but challenges us to "keep up." His art is
not for the lowest common denominator. It's not work for those who are
trying to match their sofa pattern... Good art scares the simple minded
and being an admirer of John's work gets you out of that category. He
elevates art. His work educates by forcing us to become involved in
topics we might not have wanted to question.

John doesn't just paint, he opens up and reveals the one thing
that makes artists great. themselves.

Matt Rockett
Art director
Boston Ma