Ad Infinitum "From The Eye To The Canvas"

 From the magazine Ad Infinitum vol 1 issue 4

 Interview by Kryss Beilby and Crystal Lafata

Written by Kryss Beilby Opinions Editor.


John Gill vents his steam.

  A resident of Lomita California, John gill is breaking through the barriers of conformity, undertaking brilliant analysis of the human psyche with pictures, phrases, and colors; throough art. One can stare at his work for hours; view the intricate detail, the symbolism and arbitrary mayhem brushed vigorously atop the canvas. His works are 1,000 page novels, ageless and picture perfect. His art is striking and delicate, orderly yet somehow fiercely chaotic, injected with honesty and enthusiasm. It is everything-but boring!

   “Within one picture or meaning, there are a thousand pictures and meanings,” says Gill about his art.

   Gill got seriously into his art at age 14 but art has always been his calling. From painting on canvas, ceramic, and boards to making a line of innovative canvas dolls  - Gills imagination soars with determination and creative uniqueness.

   His favorite medium is acrylic on canvas. Most of his work is canvas based,although,he has enjoyed working on surf/skateboards and vases,dishes and walls.His influences include Andy Warhol,Kieth Haring,Pablo Picasso and the modern artists in the Hollywood scene such as Shag and the like.To say the least,most of his paintings remind you of the late Picasso,exceedingly abstract and conceptual-but more detailed and extremely boisterous.

   Gill doesn’t like to spend a lot of time on his paintings although it looks as if his paintings took months-even years to finish.He uses his art as a total outlet.It is a way for him to communicate,non-violently to the anger that resides in him from timt to time.He remembers how easy life could be and how much he can tolerate his surroundings when he paints.Art is his savior.

   Gill describes his art as “negative with a positive outlook”.Although some painting look like the destruction of mankind – the meaning behind them is giving us a hint or clue as to how to survive the mass devastation.In fact,Gill has been working on a series called “Curiosity Killed the Human” of which he incorporates these ideas into his work.

   “Humans think that animals are the less superior race and in turn, they are given the terms, “Curiosity killed the cat” but in my mind I believe we are just as curiously stupid in a bigger broader sense.What im doing with “curiosity killed the human”is showing people through my art that human curiosity can lead to the downfall of all humans.”Says Gill.

   In one of his paintings,he describes the destruction of humanity relating to humans having sex and the downfall of that instead of the beauty of it – as if that is the way we are all going to self destruct.He truly is a mastermind to say the least.

   He is also involved in other pending projects.Aside from doing his series with ”Curiosity Killed the Human”,he is also working on making canvas dolls and excelling the future of his band “Character3”.

   When asked where he thinks his art will take him he chuckled,”im striving for legendary status,”

   We think hes not too far off.His art has a positive possibility to be legendary………no doubt..