Must Have Tools

I have some kind of O.C.D. thing going on with recording/documenting everything. Here are the Contents of my bag.

1. Moleskin Journal

2. Various other sketch pads with different kinds of paper.

3. Various Pens and Markers.

4. Tape

5. Mini Digital Video Camera

6. Pocket size Moleskin (Never Leave Home Without it....)

7. iPhone Camera, Still and Video, as well as Voice Recorder.

One Entire Journal on Display at Zask Gallery

Come on by and check out my O.C.D and ramblerific Journal 4 (I believe). This is scary because I dont want to damage my book. Its also weird because when you read between the lines you see what kind of state of mind I am in. It's therapy for me. Be nice, Be mean. Whatever. I also have a ceramic vase in the show. POW!!

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 I have enjoyed going back to basics by doing my Journal Pages. Its a nice change and I cant stress enough the importance of sketching/working out ideas. Basically having the freedom to let yourself make mistakes. Some of the best ideas are born from mistakes.