Bringing Back "Old Folks"


When I was a kid I was a full time skater. I dreamed of having what the pros had, Boards with their own graphics, Stickers, Shirts, etc. In this day and age I love utilizing print on demand sites if I cannot fulfill orders on my own. I have been researching these sites for years to find the best quality items to use. My research has also aloud me to keep cost down. I work extremely hard to make a living doing art and I have nothing but love for anyone who has supported or liked my art. I never have and never will take this for granted.

I have had the great fortune of meeting, as well as working with some of todays biggest names in the artworld. One thing that seems to be true is no matter what level anyone is at there is still luck involved. Anyone who feels the world owes them the ability to make a living creating is simply delusional. It all comes down to work ethic and luck. Skill is obvious but it is no more important than getting your work out there, paying your dues, and honing your craft.

Old Folks is a company I started when I was 17 or so. My graphics were crude and I knew even less than now. However, there is also something rarely discussed that needs to be acknowledged, “The Greatest Generation” have impeccable style. The other competitive brand, “Young Folks” will never admit it but in the wars known as style, Old Timers, You win!

This Is Old Folks……