Skating was my life. It shaped me in ways that are impossible to explain. The beauty of where I live now is there are skateparks everywhere. Its my sons turn now.  

Took this because I love the angles of transitions. 

  John Michael Gill 2017.

 John Michael Gill 2017.


 "Self Portrait of me as a building"

John Michael Gill 2017

John Michael Gill 2017


I am trying so hard to balance family life with creating art and music. It is so difficult and literally impossible when my son was born. I think I went a few years without fully investing time and energy into making things. I would scribble something here and there, but the idea of actually committing to a painting was actually a source of anxiety. Thank God my Wife is so loving and my support group is solid. I am back to feeling good about my work and where it has evolved to as well as not becoming jaded by the phony art world popularity shit show. The right people have always found my work and kept me going in terms of a "job". I wish I could find the right gallery. I am collecting my work instead of doing the old half ass assembly line I did for so many years. 

 The one mistake I am still making is working super late everynight which leaves me exhausted. My son is up everyday right around 7 a.m. and normally I work until 4-4:30 sometimes just missing it all together. Not healthy...... In other words I am still working out the balance, but it is getting better.

John... 3-27-17

"Spirits" John Michael Gill 2017

"Spirits" John Michael Gill 2017

"Left Out" John Michael Gill 2017

"Left Out" John Michael Gill 2017

The Interwebs

It is so strange the stuff that is brought to your attention/found on the internet. I found this list which focuses on a few fun shows from L.A. Man I wished I was more disciplined in the early 2000's. I did however have a lot of fun and met a lot of great people. I thought this list was kind of interesting.

Must Haves

Fear of losing a thought, a memory? I am obsessive about documenting life because I forget so much of it. Old friends will talk about a past time and I literally wonder why I dont commit certain things to memory. Also, creativity requires tools so here is a list of what is with me all the time, every single day.

John Michael Gill

John Michael Gill

1. Various markers. Krink is my favorite by far. Molotow rock as well.

2. Awesome Polaroid by instax.

3. Stickers and Post Office freebies.

4. I keep a small sketchbook in my back pocket. Microns.

5.GoPro...!!! Where were these when I was young?

6. Headphones.


My soul is an echo

Louder than a stereo

As powerful as the waves

With currents like oceans


The Important

Connection. Im nothing without it and I dont always have it.. Be happy if and when you do. 

John Michael Gill

John Michael Gill

Im Sorry for Being Sorry About Being Sorry

I have been watching and listening to a lot of the late, great comedian Patrice O'Neal. A ton of what I've heard has been from the Opie and Anthony show which really was the best Radio show regarding comics like Colin Quinn, Greg Geraldo, Artie Lange, Jim Norton, Bill Burr, and Louie CK. I often laugh my ass off uncontrollably. Thank God for great comics.... Anyway, I happened to catch the episode that occurred after Michael Richards flipped out at the Laugh Factory and called a group of guys heckling niggers. I really feel this is a perfect reflection of how ridiculous America has become, or has always been. I would rather know peoples authentic self. I hate the race issue but I feel race relations are going to suffer due to a commander in chief who has never lived as an average American. Try to live through love my friends and if hate is controlling you get help. Oh and his apology tour! That was the most racist shit of all.

Corporate Eye Soars (The Gangs and The Government are no Different)

Many people get absolutely crazed about street art. I understand the bad apples who just destroy walls or worse, nature. But look at the companies who force feed you the date of a certain shit movie or product. They plaster wheat past, billboards, and entire buildings with the sole purpose of taking your money.

Graffiti, I am not a Graffiti artist but I have done public art for my entire life. I am a criminal. A FUCKIN CRIMINAL for doing art. With the exception of a few hometown hero assholes, 99% of people who see me ask me great questions and are generally almost childlike in their enjoyment of talking art for a few minutes. I have never set out to hurt anyone in fact I am only trying to spice up stale and sterile streets. In Europe and other countries art is cherished, in America it is only celebrated if money can be generated i.e. Banksy, Shepard Fairey, etc. Why do we not demand art in our daily lives? Instead most pieces are done half ass because the gang, I mean cops would love to make use of their feet and fists as well as convince a young person they are in fact criminals. When I post some little shitty street piece I get an enormous amount of likes, comments, and so on as well as a list of calls, texts, emails urging me to stop. I wish those same people were urging the law makers to decriminalize, or more importantly learn to see art as vital in daily life.

The Control Myth

I am really trying to figure out who I am. I have reached a real level of honesty within. I have reached a point which holding grudges or hating is not worth it. My childhood was much more difficult then I have ever admitted to myself. Never abused, molested, etc. but my family is blended. My 2 sisters are half and my brother as well. I am a symbol of my parents union, which I always knew was something that has a multitude of dimensions. I have heard constant lies or half truths about my parents. At one point I feel one sibling was almost trying to recruit me. Recruit me as they were. I have had to keep certain siblings at arms length hoping I won't have to fully let them go. They have their side, which is valid but I feel those who spend time trying to disgrace something are holding onto some abstract truth. Anyway, just an example of my path, one issue and I must say I am blessed. I have realized that at my age now I have limited wisdom. I can see growth in my art, stages or states of mind. I am lucky to have art as an anchor in my pursuit to learn who I am. While semi successful this is what really matters. Art is a person within that listens and lets me vent.

What I have come to understand is you do not happen to life, life happens to you and control is a myth.

Most think this is an act of immature ignorance. Necessary is what I call it. John Michael Gill. 2017.

Most think this is an act of immature ignorance. Necessary is what I call it. John Michael Gill. 2017.