Keith Haring


Juxtapoz did 2 back to back good issues in my opinion. Last months was David Choe, who got a whole issue dedicated to him and this months has a short spotlight on Keith Haring. Haring was one of the guys I always related too. I related to his work on a few levels, one being his commentary on world events. So many images stand true even after Reagan. There was also many references to good and evil, heaven and hell, and the human spirit. The last thing I can identify with Harings art are Harings mood swings. Occasionally he would lash out at something he cared deeply about. He really did try to bring awareness to so many important issues, issues which affected him greatly on even the most personal levels. With this awesome motivation he also kept most of his art fun. How many artists are playing roles these days? More like politicians maybe? Lets learn from Keith and remember to do this for the love of it. If you love what you do, what you do will love you right back.

I love Harings early work, the subway chalk pieces and the marker pieces with symbols both spiritual and horrifying. People can critic each other, it's what the Humanimals do but if someones having fun with it, they won.

On another note, back to David Choe. I have met him a handful of times and one time I asked how I could be the illest artist I could ever possibly be? He simply replied "Dont Sleep". So Its 5.42 A.m. and im still not the illest...... but im having fun.