Lonely city

Made a quick mpc chopped Miles track.


I am trying so hard to balance family life with creating art and music. It is so difficult and literally impossible when my son was born. I think I went a few years without fully investing time and energy into making things. I would scribble something here and there, but the idea of actually committing to a painting was actually a source of anxiety. Thank God my Wife is so loving and my support group is solid. I am back to feeling good about my work and where it has evolved to as well as not becoming jaded by the phony art world popularity shit show. The right people have always found my work and kept me going in terms of a "job". I wish I could find the right gallery. I am collecting my work instead of doing the old half ass assembly line I did for so many years. 

 The one mistake I am still making is working super late everynight which leaves me exhausted. My son is up everyday right around 7 a.m. and normally I work until 4-4:30 sometimes just missing it all together. Not healthy...... In other words I am still working out the balance, but it is getting better.

John... 3-27-17

"Spirits" John Michael Gill 2017

"Spirits" John Michael Gill 2017

"Left Out" John Michael Gill 2017

"Left Out" John Michael Gill 2017


Thank you to everyone who has grabbed something from my shop. I am going to be removing some of the products to maintain truly limited edition pieces. I'm honored that people support on this level. I'm honored to sell original paintings. I find it fresh that people have the insight to seek out art. It remains a vital part of this life........ (About to go off on a tangent) 

thank you




One problem galleries had with me (out of many ?) is I have a style but I enjoy learning, experimenting, and playing. I am not really aligned with the artist-as-factory/stick to one thing and never budge mindset. I wish the world saw things in broader terms. I did have galleries that got it, and we were successful. Simple. I hope to find that again in the right Gallery setting because I do miss the camaraderie and experience. I think it is not my time. I also am becoming less and less interested with the delusion of fame. I know people that I believe only create art as some kind of identity that will bring them a sense of fame. I hope this is not the case, but as more and more "Artists" come up in a scene, the less fun they become. While I wish I could be a part of the team, I am o.k. with sitting it out and creating my nonsense in my room. I would like to thank the ones in my life who have supported my art, in any incarnation for so many years. I hope you remain by my side.