Lonely city

Made a quick mpc chopped Miles track.

One Entire Journal on Display at Zask Gallery

Come on by and check out my O.C.D and ramblerific Journal 4 (I believe). This is scary because I dont want to damage my book. Its also weird because when you read between the lines you see what kind of state of mind I am in. It's therapy for me. Be nice, Be mean. Whatever. I also have a ceramic vase in the show. POW!!

More Info at  http://pszaskgallery.com/


 I have enjoyed going back to basics by doing my Journal Pages. Its a nice change and I cant stress enough the importance of sketching/working out ideas. Basically having the freedom to let yourself make mistakes. Some of the best ideas are born from mistakes.


New studio is almost in effect. Since I have no place to really get into paintings just yet, the journal pages continue. Just started Journal Four.

The Reason Behind The Journal.

 I have been in between places and found it a perfect time to go back and just do some fun Drawing, Collage, Writing, Etc until I get my next studio. These are also helping me formulate ideas for other things. Back to (Semi) Basics.

 I can't wait to get a studio though so until then...... Journal Pages.