Lonely city

Made a quick mpc chopped Miles track.

Who Built The Pyramids

Seattle is growing, rapidly.

Pursuing some form of a living from creativity is something I take pride in, my work ethic. I went through a period of time where I became too distracted by the politics of showing in galleries and deadlines and fake relationships so my drive was diminished. Before that period I was always pushing. Then I became a Father, I had absolutely no problem putting my aspirations to the side and I don’t regret one day of that part of it. I have also dealt with certain bad habits which also didn’t help.

Reflecting Buildings. Downtown Seattle. John Michael Gill

Reflecting Buildings. Downtown Seattle. John Michael Gill

Roughly two years ago I made the proper steps to begin the lifelong process of deleting certain behaviors that were just too much to deal with from my life. I had an awakening as far as my perspective on almost all things, a true shift in vision. Since that time I have enjoyed my days a little more, lowered my bouts of depression greatly which coupled hand in hand with crippling panic attacks is no small leap. I never thought I would feel as normal as I do by fully realizing how skewed and fucked up I was and am. I embrace this and therefore take away a great deal of it’s power.


This became long winded…

What I was going to say is when you are always pursuing a life of expression, the “real world” is not always your best friend. For consistent income I do whatever it takes to balance obligations and freedom which brings me to my point……..

Right now I do deliveries all over Seattle. My family moved here roughly 6 years ago and I spent most of that time learning to be a Father. I learned about the sad side of Marriage and I became a statistic. My Wife is no longer walking a path I can be on and while I’m terribly sad I also am excited to get back to . As of today, recently I should say I am so thrilled to feel the force of drive flowing through me. With that creative drive comes a lot of reflection on all things in my existence and one thing I would like to say is I really love my life in a different State. Washington has helped me in ways I never could conceive of in the past. I am literally in love with the city and my iPhone is filled with photographic proof.


I have to commend the city planners and designers of the NEW SEATTLE. The Architecture is spectacular and the city is finding a depth to it that didn’t exist just a few months/years ago. If all of America was growing like Seattle, both financially and visually, America would be doing just fine. The gentrification issue is one I have been documenting. It is horrible what I see everyday as people get tossed to the side. Wait until I blog those images.

Basically, I’m so grateful to live and have my studio in a city I never put on my list of places I must live. Who knew? Take a moment to think of where you are. Is it where you want to be? I hope so.


On a sidenote, I’m starting a new site jmgtv.live that will be about my process in art. From painting to making music. I will be incorporating my youtube channel and other social media to create a better picture of why I do dumb little drawings and make horrible music. As well as becoming another way to get some things out using new media. I have had people express feelings to me that I, in some way? inspired them, which is probably the kindest compliment you can give or be given. I will also be reviewing the stuff I love and how these things make life so much more productive, equipment I use, techniques, etc. I have been doing this a long time and am still a total novice. Hopefully this small window will connect us all a little better and I can hopefully hear from you. So check out:

My Youtube channel - If you feel so inclined subscribe. I will have stuff to give away free.(bribery) Uploads are being made literally now and I have 8 subscribers, sad.

My Instagram - 5,535 followers. much better


and this site will always be here, just for you.


THE Beastie Boys Book, Feminism, and A Must Read. All in All A Good Trip to The Bookstore


So lately on YouTube I have been seeing these segments of Mike D and Adrock of The Beastie Boys doing this stage show talking about the history of the band. At first I thought it was all about the passing of the great Adam Yauch A.K.A. MCA. Turns out it goes deeper. This is the history of one of my favorite bands, told by the band. The book is just what you would expect, not ordinary but extraordinary. Highly stylized and funny the book is much like the band. On the surface everything is a joke, dig deeper and there is the real soul of a defining group in early hip hop. The Beastie Boys share a special place in my musical lexicon because while they were growing, so was I. The Beastie Boys Book is a must for any fan or just anyone who digs culture. The group had so much range and was always part of, yet individual from whatever was going on.


    • The Art of Feminism Includes some of my favorite artists. Jenny Holzer and The Guerilla Girls. Both didnt truly get their due in the Street Art movements history. It's absolutely bonkers that a lot of the books topics are still going on or were not long ago at all.

My favorite current street, graffiti, whatever. One of my favorite artists SWOON.


Beyonce quote. Agreed.


The next book I really really really recommend is Patti Smiths FANTASTIC book “Just Kids” about her early life with fellow Artist Robert Mapplethorpe. This book is filled with the feelings that I have such a hard time conveying about the magic of youth, love, and the need to create. Patti Smith is tender and rough and, well fuckin Patti Smith, I need not say anything other than read this.


So there we go, now you have some books to brag about and show off your well read worldly nature.

Pick them up at Barnes and Nobles, your local Mom and Pop, Amazon, You know the deal…


Skating was my life. It shaped me in ways that are impossible to explain. The beauty of where I live now is there are skateparks everywhere. Its my sons turn now.  

Took this because I love the angles of transitions. 

  John Michael Gill 2017.

 John Michael Gill 2017.

The Interwebs

It is so strange the stuff that is brought to your attention/found on the internet. I found this list which focuses on a few fun shows from L.A. Man I wished I was more disciplined in the early 2000's. I did however have a lot of fun and met a lot of great people. I thought this list was kind of interesting.

The Important

Connection. Im nothing without it and I dont always have it.. Be happy if and when you do. 

John Michael Gill

John Michael Gill

Im Sorry for Being Sorry About Being Sorry

I have been watching and listening to a lot of the late, great comedian Patrice O'Neal. A ton of what I've heard has been from the Opie and Anthony show which really was the best Radio show regarding comics like Colin Quinn, Greg Geraldo, Artie Lange, Jim Norton, Bill Burr, and Louie CK. I often laugh my ass off uncontrollably. Thank God for great comics.... Anyway, I happened to catch the episode that occurred after Michael Richards flipped out at the Laugh Factory and called a group of guys heckling niggers. I really feel this is a perfect reflection of how ridiculous America has become, or has always been. I would rather know peoples authentic self. I hate the race issue but I feel race relations are going to suffer due to a commander in chief who has never lived as an average American. Try to live through love my friends and if hate is controlling you get help. Oh and his apology tour! That was the most racist shit of all.

Meaning. Finding it....

It all started the other day when this artist I like very much ranted about his time at Art Basel. He whined in the way an academic artist does, talking about how everyone is only around because they steal or paint like a child, etc. There was some truth to what he said but it was obvious he got lost in all the elements of the art world that I despise. For me, art is the ONE THING that rules need not apply, where I can remain a child forever. By the way, he is a stencil artist. I love and use stencils but ANYONE could do what he does.

 I know where my art comes from, I know the timeline and I know I am not in it to steal others ideas. If you know me, it's not in my character. I do silly faces, I do serious work, I live my style but who GIVES A SHIT! My friends have been supporters, strangers have, I know I have added to peoples lives through my work but still, why even show it? I am not really into the whole "artist" persona. Im just an emotional person who records everything. 

 But what is the point in showing it? I have nothing to prove and I will never stop doing it. Im about to finally release a book but I am unhappy with adding more art to an over saturated ego pool. I stopped reading art mags and following art in general. It's a stroke fest or an academic circle jerk. I have no clear answer but I am so happy I am not the artist I once liked bashing non academic art. Did I mention he went to art school to do stencil art? 

Giving up control

Most of my earlier life was spent in Catholic school and church where I would stare at paintings of death and suffering, ignoring any resolution by staying completely transfixed on the pain in the eyes of the doomed. Humans violent side almost celebrated within the murals of the church. 

 I obsessed over death and began chasing it in a way. Balancing between this life and what I perceived as the end. I would literally ingest poison to feel what death might be like and each time I got closer to it, the warmer I felt. Irrational thinking as I write this but at the time it made perfect sense.

 I was a man who feared death until actually touching it a few times. I came to the realization that by letting go of my false sense of control I actually became more alive and in turn completely fine with the idea of death. Now when someone I know dies, I grieve. Now when someone I know dies, I celebrate. I feel for those who are in pain around me but feel completely at ease with the actual passing of a loved one. I learned how to let go.

 I must thank death for helping me become inspired by life. Death is a beautiful thing that I refuse to see as dark. I don't believe in heaven or hell or any other man made ideology regarding lifes true path. Being born and dying, to me, are one in the same. A magnificent way of transportation with a purpose. Yes, a purpose. We are all destined for the great beyond, the unknown, the transformation where all earthly ego dissolves into a warmth I welcome.

The Pallbearer 2011. John Michael Gill

The Pallbearer 2011. John Michael Gill


 To everyone I know and love, I will grieve you tremendously but please know that behind my tears is the ultimate thankfulness that you are exactly where you need to be. So I urge you, stop trying to control life. Let life be a wave, a current that flows in and around us. A wave so extraordinary that sometimes it suffocates, but like a wave it too will bring you back to air.

This song may be one of my favorites. The structure of it, the melody, it all reminds me of the beauty we tend to overlook.



One of the biggest problems with the humanimals is their constant need to be right. This limits their growth and sours their hearts. It disconnects them from each other and progress is slow.