Lonely city

Made a quick mpc chopped Miles track.


One problem galleries had with me (out of many ?) is I have a style but I enjoy learning, experimenting, and playing. I am not really aligned with the artist-as-factory/stick to one thing and never budge mindset. I wish the world saw things in broader terms. I did have galleries that got it, and we were successful. Simple. I hope to find that again in the right Gallery setting because I do miss the camaraderie and experience. I think it is not my time. I also am becoming less and less interested with the delusion of fame. I know people that I believe only create art as some kind of identity that will bring them a sense of fame. I hope this is not the case, but as more and more "Artists" come up in a scene, the less fun they become. While I wish I could be a part of the team, I am o.k. with sitting it out and creating my nonsense in my room. I would like to thank the ones in my life who have supported my art, in any incarnation for so many years. I hope you remain by my side.