Lonely city

Made a quick mpc chopped Miles track.

The Death of a Soulful Musician

I get that people have all kinds of reasons for celebrity death mourning, mostly nostalgia? The reminder that that dark entity is approaching us all? Im not really sure, but for me it has to do 100% with musicians. I was in a really bad place in late April, This record kept me sane. Chris Cornell Unplugged in Sweden spoke to every part of me that Cornells many bands Soundgarden, Audioslave,did on occasion. Somehow the stripped down acoustic stuff along with his truly perfect voice has now allowed me to explore a lifetime of music. Before I left the vacation spot, the cold news came out. A hanging, possibly drug related? God man, I wish someone told me, well my Dad did tell me "it never ends well". 

Chris Cornell, I do not idolize people but you making all this amazing music commands more respect then some shit idol.... 

"Come Pull The sheets over my eyes, So I can Sleep tonight, Despite what I've seen today, I found you guilty of the Crime of sleeping at a time when you should have been wide awake"


Some images from the last few days.

So many advancements in my outlook on art. It's a gift, let's never waste it. The only competition resides within myself. Growing, evolving, changing. So excited about the future and the now.


Death Paintings

I suppose phrases come and go. Occasionally I write them down or include them in my art. "Death Paintings" came to me and signifies pretty much everything for me. The beauty of life and the beauty and necessity of death. It is all encompassing, everything I think about while doing any act, most specifically creative acts. Im trying my best to really be alive, not to let the simple or profound pass me by. Record. Digest. This is the life of a future dead man. What will I leave?

The first draft. "Death Paintings". 2014.  John Michael Gill

The first draft. "Death Paintings". 2014. John Michael Gill


One problem galleries had with me (out of many ?) is I have a style but I enjoy learning, experimenting, and playing. I am not really aligned with the artist-as-factory/stick to one thing and never budge mindset. I wish the world saw things in broader terms. I did have galleries that got it, and we were successful. Simple. I hope to find that again in the right Gallery setting because I do miss the camaraderie and experience. I think it is not my time. I also am becoming less and less interested with the delusion of fame. I know people that I believe only create art as some kind of identity that will bring them a sense of fame. I hope this is not the case, but as more and more "Artists" come up in a scene, the less fun they become. While I wish I could be a part of the team, I am o.k. with sitting it out and creating my nonsense in my room. I would like to thank the ones in my life who have supported my art, in any incarnation for so many years. I hope you remain by my side. 





All work created between October to November 2013. Sizing ranges from 5x7" to 4x6". Email Johnmichaelgill@aol.com for inquiries.

Thank you everyone,