I have learned more from youtube than school

I needed a few key pieces of gear for my home studio and YouTube offered me a whole lot of new things to confuse the issue. There are no go to people because the spectrum is too big however two people caught my eye for reasons unrelated to my own pursuit.

If you are wanting to get into creating music and really don’t want to waste time and money do some research. A very to the point and great starting point is my man Sanjay C. I began to speak to him about various things and really enjoy him as a human. In this episode he touches on the new offering from Native Instruments, a personal favorite all around company of mine and he adds a little of my artwork to the video. Thanks man!

My other favorite YouTuber who is interesting on a few levels is “Sarah the Illstrumentalist”. I am really happy to see a young person chasing their passion.


I have spent my life doing this as well however I am not even aware of being this perky and positive. So I enjoy her because she is brave and geeks out over her love of the process. Plus she is one of the few people who give credit to their influences. Isn’t that crazy, most people pretend they just started going a direction without a compass.

Anyhow, any of my music friends in LA know her? Give her some props.

As far as cats doing it on a super informational way, dig and you will find.

I do however dig Accurate Beats and Henny tha Bizness. Accurate is just a fresh dude who I am pulling for big time, and Henny is completely on my brain wave, most noticeably his love of BeatMaker 3 and his involvement with the dopest mainstream artist of the day.