Who Built The Pyramids

Seattle is growing, rapidly.

Pursuing some form of a living from creativity is something I take pride in, my work ethic. I went through a period of time where I became too distracted by the politics of showing in galleries and deadlines and fake relationships so my drive was diminished. Before that period I was always pushing. Then I became a Father, I had absolutely no problem putting my aspirations to the side and I don’t regret one day of that part of it. I have also dealt with certain bad habits which also didn’t help.

Reflecting Buildings. Downtown Seattle. John Michael Gill

Reflecting Buildings. Downtown Seattle. John Michael Gill

Roughly two years ago I made the proper steps to begin the lifelong process of deleting certain behaviors that were just too much to deal with from my life. I had an awakening as far as my perspective on almost all things, a true shift in vision. Since that time I have enjoyed my days a little more, lowered my bouts of depression greatly which coupled hand in hand with crippling panic attacks is no small leap. I never thought I would feel as normal as I do by fully realizing how skewed and fucked up I was and am. I embrace this and therefore take away a great deal of it’s power.


This became long winded…

What I was going to say is when you are always pursuing a life of expression, the “real world” is not always your best friend. For consistent income I do whatever it takes to balance obligations and freedom which brings me to my point……..

Right now I do deliveries all over Seattle. My family moved here roughly 6 years ago and I spent most of that time learning to be a Father. I learned about the sad side of Marriage and I became a statistic. My Wife is no longer walking a path I can be on and while I’m terribly sad I also am excited to get back to . As of today, recently I should say I am so thrilled to feel the force of drive flowing through me. With that creative drive comes a lot of reflection on all things in my existence and one thing I would like to say is I really love my life in a different State. Washington has helped me in ways I never could conceive of in the past. I am literally in love with the city and my iPhone is filled with photographic proof.


I have to commend the city planners and designers of the NEW SEATTLE. The Architecture is spectacular and the city is finding a depth to it that didn’t exist just a few months/years ago. If all of America was growing like Seattle, both financially and visually, America would be doing just fine. The gentrification issue is one I have been documenting. It is horrible what I see everyday as people get tossed to the side. Wait until I blog those images.

Basically, I’m so grateful to live and have my studio in a city I never put on my list of places I must live. Who knew? Take a moment to think of where you are. Is it where you want to be? I hope so.


On a sidenote, I’m starting a new site jmgtv.live that will be about my process in art. From painting to making music. I will be incorporating my youtube channel and other social media to create a better picture of why I do dumb little drawings and make horrible music. As well as becoming another way to get some things out using new media. I have had people express feelings to me that I, in some way? inspired them, which is probably the kindest compliment you can give or be given. I will also be reviewing the stuff I love and how these things make life so much more productive, equipment I use, techniques, etc. I have been doing this a long time and am still a total novice. Hopefully this small window will connect us all a little better and I can hopefully hear from you. So check out:

My Youtube channel - If you feel so inclined subscribe. I will have stuff to give away free.(bribery) Uploads are being made literally now and I have 8 subscribers, sad.

My Instagram - 5,535 followers. much better


and this site will always be here, just for you.