It’s been awhile

I’m really interested in staying active on my site. A great momentum is building in me creatively. I have been doing visual art but right now my focus is on my music.

Over the hardest year of my life I have been finding photos of lonesome streets just so wonderful. I am addicted to creating and switching up my outlets and outlooks.

Music has taken the forefront to other artistic outlets and I will have this record completed in a very short time since I have in fact been working in parts for the better part of almost 2 years. I’m excited for people to hear because I am proud of this.

Like I said, photography has helped me capture feelings that I have been wrestling with. 2017-2018 have been a series of total failures and personal successes. The events have all been  documented and will surface when the time is right. 

 Lots of traveling, lots of surrendering, and lots of Washington and Los Angeles. A lot of identity checks of the people in and around my life. I had to truly ask for help as a way to survive. Survive I have. And always will. 

There are some people in my life, my Mom and Dad, as well as some people that I had no idea how generous they have been emotionally. 

I love more of you than you know.


 I also published my first book. Selected drawings, graf, photos, and paintings.