Corporate Eye Soars (The Gangs and The Government are no Different)

Many people get absolutely crazed about street art. I understand the bad apples who just destroy walls or worse, nature. But look at the companies who force feed you the date of a certain shit movie or product. They plaster wheat past, billboards, and entire buildings with the sole purpose of taking your money.

Graffiti, I am not a Graffiti artist but I have done public art for my entire life. I am a criminal. A FUCKIN CRIMINAL for doing art. With the exception of a few hometown hero assholes, 99% of people who see me ask me great questions and are generally almost childlike in their enjoyment of talking art for a few minutes. I have never set out to hurt anyone in fact I am only trying to spice up stale and sterile streets. In Europe and other countries art is cherished, in America it is only celebrated if money can be generated i.e. Banksy, Shepard Fairey, etc. Why do we not demand art in our daily lives? Instead most pieces are done half ass because the gang, I mean cops would love to make use of their feet and fists as well as convince a young person they are in fact criminals. When I post some little shitty street piece I get an enormous amount of likes, comments, and so on as well as a list of calls, texts, emails urging me to stop. I wish those same people were urging the law makers to decriminalize, or more importantly learn to see art as vital in daily life.