Meaning. Finding it....

It all started the other day when this artist I like very much ranted about his time at Art Basel. He whined in the way an academic artist does, talking about how everyone is only around because they steal or paint like a child, etc. There was some truth to what he said but it was obvious he got lost in all the elements of the art world that I despise. For me, art is the ONE THING that rules need not apply, where I can remain a child forever. By the way, he is a stencil artist. I love and use stencils but ANYONE could do what he does.

 I know where my art comes from, I know the timeline and I know I am not in it to steal others ideas. If you know me, it's not in my character. I do silly faces, I do serious work, I live my style but who GIVES A SHIT! My friends have been supporters, strangers have, I know I have added to peoples lives through my work but still, why even show it? I am not really into the whole "artist" persona. Im just an emotional person who records everything. 

 But what is the point in showing it? I have nothing to prove and I will never stop doing it. Im about to finally release a book but I am unhappy with adding more art to an over saturated ego pool. I stopped reading art mags and following art in general. It's a stroke fest or an academic circle jerk. I have no clear answer but I am so happy I am not the artist I once liked bashing non academic art. Did I mention he went to art school to do stencil art?