A New Chapter

   After being a little disappointed with the art scene and my own art I retreated into the pages of my piece book (Journal Pages) to go back to the drawing board. Maybe it’s key to re-evaluate yourself and be critical of what you put out into the world. At this time I was also going through a lot of personal changes. I was not living the best lifestyle. I was very lost and threw myself into therapy. Therapy may not be for everyone but it is something I totally embraced. Very personal revelations came to the surface and I have been working daily on coming to terms with myself. My past, my guilt, my mistakes, and most importantly my skewed sense of life.

  Through all this I met my wife. My wife came into my life at the perfect time. Maybe it sounds cliche, but I believe it was fate. Besides being the instant love of my life that she is, she has also helped me to see clearly and remain grounded. She is my other form of therapy and I hope I have helped her as well. As life became better we had our first child who profoundly changed everything I know. He is a miracle and my wife has shown me how incredibly strong women can be.

 With all these elements in place I figured out what I want to do at this point in my life with my art. I have never been more focused and passionate about it. It too is my therapy. I’m a really messed up person so the more forms of therapy the better. I have begun to start the work I want to put out into the world now, at this point in time. In a climate where I have found many people attempting to steal my style and literally my images for shirts and prints, I’m sure someone will try and steal what I am starting now as well.

 The new work is not a complete departure but it is the elements I find most appealing. I am creating a large body of work now so if anyone is interested either contact me or keep an eye on this site for show updates. I will also be turning over the business side of things to my new Manager whose info will be on the site soon.

 Thank you to all my supporters, collectors, family, and friends for encouraging me. And one last thing, it has deeply saddened me that so many people/companies have been lifting my images off the site and, or Google to make merchandise. That is taking money from me and my family and forcing me to get lawyers involved. If you want to use my stuff contact me or my Manager and we can work something out. ALL MERCHANDISE THAT WAS NOT STOLEN FROM ME WILL BE ADVERTISED ON THIS SITE OR www.johnmichaelgill.blogspot.com OR THROUGH WORDPRESS, FACEBOOK, OR WIX. Consider all other work STOLEN. 

 It’s a new chapter in my artwork and I am very excited about it. I will be posting images ASAP of new paintings, photos, merchandise, and ceramics.

John Michael Gill