Thanks Where Thanks Are Due.

A big thank you to Kyle Harper for his efforts putting together the mona lisa show in Berlin. No small task dealing with so many artists, let alone internationally. Thanks Kyle.
Here is an article from about the show.

MONA LISA is the title of the upcoming group show featuring 50 international lowbrow artists at Strychnin Gallery Berlin.

The show will include works by (besides of many more) Danielle de Picciotto and Alexander Sterzel. Also featuring: MESSALINA BRAGATTI III. – DIVA WITHOUT FUR – A performance by Berlin photographer and fashion designer Tina Cassati.

On January 25th, 2008, American curator Kyle Harper will present the “Mona Lisa” show at Strychnin Gallery, opening at 7pm. The show is dedicated exclusively to Leonardo Da Vinci’s art, focusing on his most famous painting: the Mona Lisa. A number of internationally renowned artists such as John Michael Gill, David Flores and Bethany Marchman have recreated Da Vinci’s masterpiece, resulting in a diversity of Mona Lisas as seen by the artists. Many of the American artists that Kyle Harper is bringing to Berlin have worked for major Hollywood Studios such as Disney, Pixar, or Warner Brothers. The Strychnin artists included in the show are German-American artist Danielle de Picciotto and German photographer Alexander Sterzel.

Tina Cassati is a Berlin-based photographer, fashion designer, and artist. Right before the start of Berlin’s fashion week on January 27th, she will present part of her performance “Messalina Bragatti III. – Diva without Fur” during the opening of the Mona Lisa group show. Strongly influenced by the Dadaists and recycling art among others, the dresses she will present are an elaborate cross between punk and baroque. Her hats are carefully created out of materials such as plastic foil and coffee filters, and she mostly works with male models, thus questioning gender roles. With her political stand against the fur trade and the use of fur in fashion, Tina Cassati’s work polarizes and enchants at the same time.

Participating artists: Randy Kono, John Michael Gill, Sophia Pottish, Delphia Zoso, James Malone, Walt Hall, Slouchy Vague, Dark Vomit, David Russell Talbot, Poor Al, Renee Lawter, Melanie Finch, Jimmy Bleyer, Julie Bossinger, Stella Im Hultberg, Carol Powell, Douglas Alvarez, Tooter, Linda Alverez, Annie Terrazzo, Davide Servolini, Josh Taylor, Bart Cusick, Shahid Brown, Jose Lopes, Jeremy Szuder, Kelly Orange, Paul Brogden, Todd Durrett, Extremo The Clown, Michele Waterman, Jim McLeod, L. Croskey, Jason Odaffer, Bethany Marchman, Cbabi Bayoc, Uncle Bob, The Love Movement, David Lambert, Stefan LeTete, Andy Andro Haynes, Daniel Fleres, David Flores, Christina Anthony, Doug Forbes, Bryan Barnes, Dave Miles, H. Lore, Aaron Kraten, Jovian, David Wyffels, DeAnne Williamson, Mary Spring, Darrin Margulies among others

Opening: January 25th, 2008 from 7 p.m. until 11 p.m. - Duration of the show: January 25th – February 3rd, 2008 - Opening times: Thursday – Sunday 1 pm till 6 pm @ Strychnin Gallery Berlin, Boxhagener Straße 36, Berlin 10245 - Web: