John Michael Gill. 

John Michael Gill was born in the suburban town of Torrance located just outside of Los Angeles.

John grew up in the world of Skateboarding which profoundly shaped the path he has followed. Skateboarding was a way to immerse himself into many sub-cultures while never being defined by just one. For John Art was an evolutionary logical step.

As a child John’s influences stemmed from a search to find other like minded individuals. John would find solace in the writing of Charles Bukowski, The art he would find in Museums, album covers, music, and publications.

John’s art reflects his inner self. His reaction to the world he lives, where he came from, where he is now. Some common themes are people, connection, disconnection, depression, joy, pain, growing, and evolving. There is a sense of humor as well as a sense of a spiritual connection to the form of shapes and design.

John’s work has been featured in Solo and Group shows in Galleries such as Walled City, Thinkspace, C.A.V.E. Gallery, Copro Nason, Cannibal Flower, Gallery 1988. John’s Art has been featured in numerous publications. Clients include The C.W. Network, Atlantic Records, Lava, as well as many Independent Record Labels.

"When was the last time you painted on your mom’s family heirloom? John Michael Gill may not exactly be painting on an heirloom, but he sure is rocking layers of paint on an unassuming surface: vases. And that’s really just scratching the surface. Gill creates unique ceramic work, adorned with some truly sick imagery, as well as stickers and paintings, to name a few."


"John's art is a personal, straight from the spigot storytelling that reflects an intense looking inward, both within himself as a human and into the souls of those he observes. His style leapfrogs from retro-modernism to post-cartoon lowbrow goodness, capturing both the joke and the truth of human existence with casual grace." 

Marshall Astor.


"Gill’s work is a refreshing step back from all the incessant egocentricity that many artists seem to ride on nowadays." 



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